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Application Materials


Executive Summary – List the name of your business along with your mission/vision statement and primary products and services.  Feel free to include any additional information regarding your business operation that you feel best qualify you for the investment.  Please include the names of all company executive officers, investors, and stakeholders as well.  Also, provide insight on your last two years of  revenue.  This can be broken down quarter by quarter or year over year.  Be advised, if you are selected for the next stage of review financial documents will be requested to confirm the financial numbers you provide.  See the accounting/financial materials section for more details.


Letter of Intent – Describe in detail what the investment funds will be used for if your company is selected.  Be sure to limit this letter to one page and include the company address information as well as contact information for the appropriate officer.  Additional information will be requested if needed.


Business Setup – The business registration/certificate from the state (or states) in which your business is approved to conduct business.  Include your company’s operating agreement if one exists.


Video Introduction – A video introduction is necessary to help us gain a first impression of you and/or key role players in your company.  This introduction should inform reviewers of what inspired you start of the company, your vision for the future for the company, and anything you believe will compel them to consider your application.  Please limit your video to two minutes or less.


Accounting/Financial Materials

If your company is among those chosen for the second round of review, financial materials will be requested for valuation purposes.  Please be prepared to share your  business tax returns along with recent bank statements (up to six), profit/loss statement (year to date or calendar year), income statement (year to date or calendar year), as well as your budget and/or projected revenue for current year.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis. Email for details.

This financial information will only be requested if you are chosen to move forward to the next stage of review. Submission directives for accounting/financial materials will be provided upon request.    



Video Upload Specifications


1. MP4 or .mov format
2. Limit 100 MB (2 minutes approx.)
3. Content: Your name, name of your business, what your business does, and how your business would use the investment from Jess Kay Invests!



Failure to upload all required submissions will result in disqualification of your application.