Thank you for you interest in the Jessica Kay Invests! business partnership program.  We are excited to about the opportunity to team up with you and with your business!  Below is a detailed list of the criteria and application requirements for consideration.  It is important that you review each item and submit every required application within 90 days of submission.  Failure to do so will result immediate disqualification.  Due to the number of applications, there no exceptions can be made.  


All questions should be submitted in writing to info@jesskayinvests.com prior to officially submitting your application.  After your application submission inquiry responses may not be immediately available. 


Criteria and Investment Information


Total Investment: $10,000-$50,000

Equity % w/Investment: TBD

Disbursement: Within 30 days of signed agreement

Application Deadline: Within 90 days of  submission


Eligibility Requirements


  • AGR of 150K or above last 2 years

  • Company operations must be the full time focus of the chief officer (no other FT jobs)

  • Must provide at minimum a three-year history of accounting

  • Must avail all requested financial records to allow for a valuation of the company’s worth

  • Must provide a letter of intent on how the10k will be used if selected

  • Must provide a resume or professional biography for each member of senior management for the company

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